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EZMEMS is offering a new path for medical device manufacturers to improve the quality of medical treatments by developing a new generation of smart polymeric sensors. EZMEMS is focusing on the 'weak link' of most medical systems by transforming simple medical disposables, without sensing or control capabilities, into 'Smart Disposables' in an easy and cost effective way.


EZMEMS is going to revolutionize the world of medical sensors by introducing its innovative and easy approach towards disposable polymeric sensors. Today's medical disposables lack sensing capabilities because Silicon MEMS sensors cannot be integrated into medical disposables without dramatically increasing the cost of the disposables. For this reason, most disposable medical devices cannot offer advanced sensing or control capabilities to improve the diagnosis and the quality of the treatment. Therefore, there is a need for ‘Smart Disposables’ with enhanced sensing capability, low manufacturing and integration cost.



Sensors are essential to ensure the safety of medical treatments. However, Silicon MEMS sensors are too expensive for integration in plastic. Therefore, most disposables cannot offer advanced sensing capabilities due to the high manufacturing, packaging and integration cost of Silicon MEMS sensors. Polymeric ‘Smart Disposables’ with enhanced sensing capabilities will offer reliable and cost effective solutions for medical disposable applications.

EZMEMS is developing disposable polymeric pressure, flow and temperature sensors as fully integrated Smart Polymeric Chips (SPC). The design of the SPC allows intuitive and simple connections with external devices and can be easily integrated with any disposable set (e.g. infusion line). All the fluidic flow and sensing elements are embedded within the SPC and the fabrication costs are dramatically reduced while reliability and performance are highly improved. The SPC can also be integrated in any system as a 'Plug&Play' module with wired or wireless connectivity.


EZMEMS is a privately held company, founded in 2014 by Nicola Molinazzi and Tsvi Shmilovich. Our team includes experts in development and fabrication of Polymeric MEMS, electronic design and integration into medical applications. We work together to overcome big challenges by innovative simple solutions. We strive to improve the performance, reliability and safety of medical equipment in a cost-effective way. We share the same vision towards the age of sensors and Internet of Things (IoT), where small, cheap, disposables sensors are everywhere, and everything is being sensed.

Tsvi is an expert in the field of polymeric MEMS. He holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA degree, both from the Tel Aviv University.

Tsvi is an expert in the field of polymeric MEMS. He holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA degree, both from the Tel Aviv University.



EZMEMS will present its polymeric pressure sensor at COMPAMED 2016

November 03, 2016

EZMEMS' cocktail preparation system will enable visitors to enjoy bartender quality cocktails while demonstrating the advanced sensing capabilities of its polymeric sensors.

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